Transforming athletes into heroes for justice

We believe that athletes are not “just” athletes. They are knowledgeable, aware, and capable of reimagining an equitable world if given access to resources and opportunity to influence and redesign the systems that are hindering their progress. Just Heroes is a journey through a process of transformation where athletes emerge as Heroes for Justice.

secondary students are living in high poverty in the U.S.
students attend high poverty schools in Georgia
high poverty schools in Georgia
0 %
of students in high school participate in athletics
Poverty has a negative impact on health & well-being, literacy development, material resources, and stability.

Problem 1

Youth need social-emotional learning to cope with the symptoms of poverty

Problem 2

Youth lack access to resources and networks with institutional power

Problem 3

Youth are limited by structures and systems of inequality and oppression


Just Heroes is a 10-week after-school program partnering with high poverty schools to offer a transformational learning structure and process to student athletes. Our skilled life coaches guide athletes through social-emotional and project based learning methods which deepen self-awareness and connection to others while preparing them to make social impact. Athletes emerge as heroes innovating solutions to the symptoms and systems of poverty.

Heroes Emerge...

Heroes who embody and express self-awareness,
self-empowerment, and liberatory consciousness
Heroes who utilize effective communication, cooperation, and co-creation to negotiate for needs
Heroes who innovate, influence, and lead their communities to interrupt the symptoms and systems of poverty
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Toyin Augustus

Olympian Educator Entrepreneur Activist

I created Just Heroes to support student athletes in their drive to thrive, to discover their powers and leverage for social impact.

Proud recipient of Penn Wharton Innovation Award


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